We carry out:

  • SCADA systems – single – station and distributed (Client  -Server) systems,  applications from several dozens to thousands of variables
  • HMI applications –applications for 3.4” - 15” HMI panels
  • Reporting applications – remote access to systems reporting production and devices parameters, beginning with simple table and char  rapports to advanced statistics sheets


We use following software tools:

  • SCADA – Wonderware Archestra, Siemens WinCC, Indusoft, Rockwell Automation RsView    
  • HMI – Proface, Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Abb
  • Rapports – Microsoft Reporting ServicesS


  • We promote SAL based design, which consists in using 2D diagrams and many shades of the same colour to display a technology process. Additional  contrastive colours occur in case of events that demand operator’s interference. Due to such solution the operator can response to alerts more effectively.

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